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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Después de mucho tiempo olvidado, aquí vuelvo!

Hola, me llamo Lucía Peinado, cree este blog para hacer una especie de diario en inglés con una profesora que nos ayudó en segundo de Universidad, y me gusto bastante la idea, porque yo no tenía ni idea de que existían cosas así.
Llevo mucho tiempo sin escribir por diversas razones, y ahora gracias a este curso he vuelto a él, y espero tener mas tiempo para seguir contando mas cosas.
Os explico ahora estoy un poco agobiada porque he terminado la carrera de Magisterio de Lenguas Extranjeras y me tengo que presentar a las oposiciones por primera vez, tengo mucho que estudiar y muchas cosas que hacer, y no sé por donde empezar, teniendo en cuenta que soy una persona que me suelo agobiar bastante.Bueno ya os os contaé como avanzan las cosas.

Un besito


Sunday, June 26, 2005


I would like write some strategies to improve our English.
I hope that you read. Maybe you will be necessary some day..

Answering comprehension questions:
Always answer comprehension questions in tour own words without copying the text.
first, find the part of the text that answer the questions. Look at how the ideas are expressed.
Then, think of how you would answer the questions in your own language.
Finally, without looking at the text, express your answer in simple English.

Writing summaries:
Decide what the mosr important information is.
List the information in order of importance.
Check that the information is correct and write your summary.
Use your own words, don´t copy the text.
Use simple English that you know is correct.
Write within the word limit.
Don´t include your personal opinion.

Writing in an exam:
When you have finished writing in an exam, imagine you are the examiner and evaluate your work.Think about:
Are the ideas organised in a logical sequence? Does each paragraph have a clear topic?

Is the style appropriate? (e,g. Formal, informal.

Have you included all the necessary information? Is it as interesting as possible?

Have you made any simple errors.


a lot of kisses to everybody


Tuesday, June 21, 2005



I´m sorry, but I haven´t had time to write before. I´m very busy with my exams and now I´m busy still, but I need to practise "writing" with English Language IV.

You will think that I´m always weigh down.. but I can´t prevent it.
I wish some day I can understand when people speak with me in English.
I´m making an effort to learn more and improve my English.

When I finish my studies here, I would like going to U.K or U.S to improve my listening and my speaking... In other words I want learning a true language. I want learning to communicate in the target language.

Please I would like that you help me, giving me some information about where could I go?,
Where will I work?...etc.
Do you know if there are some grants by it? Would I find by some travel agency? Or not?...
I have a lot of questions...and I hope that you can help me with this.
It is more difficult for me because I have never gone out to others countries...
Please give some web about I can get some necessary information .

Thanks for listening me.

Please you don’t heavy with our exam, please!!!

A lot of regards....

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Exams are here

Yesterday I come to my village with my brother to study here. But today I would like meet to Hawaiianos.
María please you don´t subtract me one point by this.
Well this weekend there is saint´s festival too. But I don´t think oneself that came there.
puf I have study more and I have snowed under with work recently.
I wish we have good luck in our exam.
maria, I wait me taht you answer me..
bye ... kisses for everybody..

Sunday, May 15, 2005


Hello, i´m and here in Toledo in spite of there is a market place (romería) in honour of St. Miguel. But I haven´t gone because I must study because the exam came early.
Last years I didin´t go either because I was study too.
I would like go but I can´t make nothing now.

Really I hardly am not study, because I have stomachache all weekend.
This academic year I am dishearten with the most of subject and a part of teachers. The timetable class is very tired too.
Maybe it is the reason of my feeling.

Yesterday I saw a terror film ( the Eye) and when I went to bed I feel fear and I spent more time until I slepped.

The last week I was to sse a film (El gran golpe) with my friend. It was a funny film. But we want to sse “el Reino de los Cielos”. The people say that it is a good film.

I would like to see this week in spite of I have to study.

I wish you pass a good Sunday.



Saturday, May 14, 2005


We have to make a chiden´s book to Tuesday to English Pedagogy.
We book is about cat story. I admit that in spite of it is difficult. I like this idea because it is more interesting make things that it is usefut to our future.

We have looked images, we bought card, invented the story.
It seem funny for me.
We make activities and presentations about how work with the chidren to teach the English Language.

The last Thursday, my group make a presentation about “how to teach grammar in primary School?” .
In spite of that this subject has a lot of theory, there are some things more interesting.

Besides in our presentation we use some web pages that our teacher María give us ( about how to teach grammar by interactive games).
It was interesting.

I like to make things as this one. Although this type of work we steal us more time of study.



Friday, May 13, 2005


This is a good topic because all our life, we are asking favours, things, etc. But it strange that we saying THANKS.
I don´t usually say “thanks” by little things that the life gives me.
Now, this topic gives me the opportunity to thank everything.

To start I want to thank to my mother because she gived me my life, she always is with me (good or bad moments), she loves me how I am. I could say that MY MUM is the most important person of my life. I can´t life without her…only I want to ask that she is a lot of time with me, because I need her. Thanks mum because you are eveybody for me.

Thanks to my dad because he want the best things for his small daugther ( he usually say it). In spite of our temperament is the same. He is very important for me, He always tries to look after me. I love my dear dad.

Thanks to my only brother, because he is a good brother. In spite of he and me argue sometimes. I do love his too. Thanks for listening when I am sad.

Thanks to my dear grandmother, she had looked after me since I wae a small girl. She is my other mum ( I always say it). I love spend my time with her. When I came to Toledo, I suffered quite if she only knew how much I miss her!. Thank to my grand father because he loves me and I love his.

Thanks to my prefer cousin, he has three years old and he is the most handsome in the family. I love to play longer hours with his. I look at him with good eyes. He makes to smile when I am in bad moments.

Thanks to my boy ( I can consider as my first boyfriend, my best friend and my present boyfriend. He called “Jorge”).
He is the only that he knows love me and listen me when I need.
He understands me and he loves me how I am. I do love you. He is the boy most important in my short life. Thanks for everything my love.

Thanks to my village´s friend because thanks to theirs I had spent very good moments..

Thanks to my best friend ( they know who they are, María y Mary) because we understand very well and we love a lot. We spend more time together too.
Thanks for listening when I feel alone and she makes me very happy.

Here in Toledo, to start I should be grateful to my dear friend Mar, because she went the first girl that I met here in Toledo when I don´t met nobody and I am alone.
Since this moment she and me are very good friend. I love her. We have a lot of confidence and we spend more time together. She is a wonderful girl. Thanks Mar…

Thanks to Merche too, because in spite of I met her some days later, I love a lot her. Because she is a pleasant, likeable and very good friend. I´m very happy because I had met. I like spend my time speaking with you because she is very special for me. Thanks Merche..

Thanks the rest of my class: Elisa ( she is good girl, and I like to spend my time with her), Elena Álvarez ( in spite of she is spend by bad moment I like her a lot), Jesús ( thanks Jesús because when I arrived here you helped me, you are my darkness guide, do you remember it?lol….thanks you are very good with me and I really love you a lot).
Thanks to Mary Carmen, Elena Duro, Mª Ángeles, Miriam, Lorena, Sagrario, José Antonio, Carlos, Laura, Manu, Miguel, Dolores, Diana, etc... because you are very good people too.

Thanks to my teacher María ( English III and IV), she try to cheer up me when I am overwhelmed with my studies. Thanks to her I am learning more and things more interesting to future proffession.

Thanks to Edu, Carlos because they are wonderful boys and I feel with us. Thanks to friend village´s group. .

And to finish thanks all people that I meet….